What Are the Forms of Electronic Vape Mods?

What Are the Forms of Electronic Vape Mods?

Shopping for products with varying forms can be overwhelming. This is true for vape mods, as there are all kinds in the market. Vape brands have several models in different sizes, colors, battery forms, etc. Vape mods are one of the high-end vape supplies you will come across on the UWELL website, and their popularity continues to grow. Additionally, they have advanced features for various uses, e.g., precision heating. Mods have powerful batteries that help produce substantial vapor clouds and are compatible with multiple vaping devices. This article discusses forms of electronic vape mods.

Types of electronic vape mods

What particular mod vape device do you love using? Many will quickly tell by the brand name and not the product's form. While any approach is acceptable, provided you make the right choice, understanding the different forms allows you to learn about these devices. Vape mods are divided further into small groups.

Regulated vape mods

Many vapers use this type of mods since they meet their needs creating an exceptional experience. They contain circuit boards that prevent hazardous energy surges from passing through them. They help keep the internal components and batteries safe, considering how potent mods can be. Regulated mods come in two forms; tube and box mods.

Tube mods

They have a pen-like or cylindrical design, popular with most vapes but slightly thicker—the thickness results from the large battery necessary to power its operations. Tube mods accommodate tanks and clearomizers too suitable for travelers who appreciate light travels. Generally, mods have advanced features, although tube mods lack most of them, thus cheaper than the box mods.

Box mods

The box design makes them recognizable from afar. Box mods have high-capacity batteries that power various features like temperature and voltage controls, replaceable batteries, sub-ohm tanks, etc. Experienced vapers prefer these mods as the features give them options to explore. Also, the ability to produce huge vape clouds attracts users who find it thrilling or want to use dry herb vaping attachments.

Unregulated vape mods

They lack circuit boards, so battery power flows directly into the tank or other attachments. Beginners don't fully know how to control the inhalation of the vapor coming out, so these mods can overwhelm them.  Even for some random users, it can be a real struggle. The good thing is you can always learn how to use them with time, and you will be happy with the experience. A variation of unregulated mods is the mechanical mod.

Mechanical mods

They have a simple look and structure, which come out as beginner-friendly while they aren't. The battery connects to the atomizer, responsible for heating the e-juice. Mechanical mods have a power button for firing hits. The mods are highly customizable to what the user needs.


UWELL electronic vape mods are suitable vaping devices. They cater to beginners and experienced vapers with features to suit everyone. Choose less powerful mods for a start as you familiarize yourself with the rest. The various mod types have varying price tags ranging from low to high. Identify your needs and spend time shopping for the ideal vape mod.