Tips for improving your laptop battery life

Tips for improving your laptop battery life

When you purchase a laptop, it normally comes with an original battery. However, more often than not, after a while, you have to replace your battery. One of the most important factors to consider when replacing the battery is the type of laptop you own. For instance, for an HP battery replacement, you need an HP battery. While most people end up replacing their laptop batteries, it can be avoided. Below are some tips for conserving laptop battery life and performance.

1. How to improve the performance, durability, and life of your battery?

While you always have the option to replace your laptop battery, you can always try the following tips to improve your battery's life and performance. Doing so will eliminate the need for constant battery replacements.

2. Utilize the battery performance settings on Windows

If you are using Windows on your machine, the easiest way to take care of your battery and improve its performance is to use the available battery saving settings. Windows provides four battery settings. The first one is the best performance mode, which is using up more battery life. This mode allows your computer to perform at an optimal level without sparing any battery life.

The second setting is the better battery mode. This setting is devised to provide more life while trading off efficiency. There are better battery and battery saver mode. These two modes are set to deliver longer battery life. For instance, the battery saver mode reduces the light, prevents update downloads, mail syncing, and all background apps to allow the battery to last longer.

3. Avoid overcharging

One of the main causal factors for damaged battery or reduced battery life is charging. According to research, the best way to improve your battery's life and durability is by charging up to 85 or 90 percent; you improve the life span of your battery by about 6 months. Anything above 75 percent per charge should help increase your battery life span. The reason behind this is that when you charge your battery up to 100 percent, it uses up a lot of energy to expel the power in your reserves. However, doing this means you get to use your machine for a shorter time as opposed to when you have your battery at 100 percent.

4. Turn down your screen brightness and set a sleep mode

You can conserve the power of your battery by turning down the brightness of your screen. This is especially important if you are using your computer indoor. Doing this will not only help you conserve your battery life but also your eyesight. You also ought to set a sleep mode for your computer and display. This will help conserve the battery when you are not using it.


Conserving your battery should not be difficult at all. As long as your battery quality and condition is still great, it shouldn't take much effort. Doing things like turning off your WiFi and Bluetooth should come in handy. You can also conserve your battery by not running too many operations at the same time. Make sure you get a good laptop battery beforehand.