How to maintain and store a pressure washer easily? Tips by Giraffetools.

How to maintain and store a pressure washer easily? Tips by Giraffetools.

As we know the pressure washer is an amazing cleaning machine. And it is easily used in houses, offices or commercial washing shops. But they are used mostly in the summer season. In winters, their use is reduced from 70 to 80 percent. Most commercial shops keep using this water spraying pressure machine. But in homes, they are stored for the off-season. And before that, their body parts and accessories are all checked and maintained. So that during the storage, there would be no risk of any damage to the machine. We will be discussing the maintenance and storage tips for pressure washers. For more details, you can visit the link

Proper storage should be done for the off-season:

Most of the equipment and household tools are less used in winter that makes use of water. As pressure washer definitely uses water and also with high pressure, they are generally not used in winter. One reason is the cold. The other reason might be the risk of getting an injury from the high-pressure washer, which would hurt more in winters. So, they are stored in this off-season.

Points to ponder as maintenance, before the storage.

To store a pressure washer is not that easy task, as seems from the name. There is a process to be followed and precautions should be done before storage. Some of the important points are given below, in this regard.

  • The fuel should be removed from the engine of the pressure washers if you have a gas-based pressure washer. This is one of the most important tasks because stored fuel is a sign of danger for the family members.
  • After using a pressure washer, do not cover it immediately, because it would be hot.
  • The cover that is put on the pressure washer, should be moisture resistant.
  • The storage should be done in a place that is dry, clean, and out of the reach of children.

Step-wise storage process in important key points:

The storage of the pressure washer is done in steps. It is not a single step of just picking up the machine and being kept in the storeroom without taking care of precautions and maintenance. So, in the following, we describe the simple step-wise process for its storage.

  • If you have a gasoline engine-based pressure washer, then you should first do fuel maintenance. The fuel should be removed from the engine and should be kept somewhere else.
  • After removing the fuel from the engine, you should also do some arrangements to store that fuel. It could be stored in a protective container. The gas can could be a good option. But the best way is to keep that fuel in a fuel stabilizer.
  • After fuel maintenance, the lubricant oil of the engine is needed to be changed. Then put a few drops of fresh engine oil and turn on the pressure washer many times, so that the new oil is distributed.

After all this, the pump is made empty. All the water should be removed from it. Close all the valves and pipes of the water supply. Then cover the pressure washer with a moisture-resistant and insulated sheet and keep it in a dry and clean place.